Letters – for Sep. 23, 2010

Job well done

Thank you for once again supporting our industry, which usually goes quite unnoticed and under serviced. The recent articles regarding the Neepawa Gathering of the Flock, Prairie Shepherds’ 4-H sheep event were a very well done and nice addition to the Co-operator,which I feel is the one mainstream publication that has noticed that sheep are a viable industry and worthy of note.

The article in the September 9th issue, “Knitters look for local wool sources” shows just how much diversity is available in the sheep industry, as well as outlining some facts that are usually swept under the table such as price of wool privately verses selling to the wool growers co-operative.

The Neepawa event, hosted by the Prairie Shepherds 4-H group, was initially viewed by many as an impossible task. Chair Angela Viola stepped up to the task and proved that one woman can step ahead of the “flock” to show the way.

I think that the whole sheep industry of Manitoba owes Angela a tremendous thank you for what she was able to present on behalf of, not only the Prairie Shepherds 4-H group, but also the Manitoba Sheep Association and the Manitoba Stock Dog Association. She managed to bring together these three major groups as well as have people from supporting industries such as the small local wool processors, the wool finished product suppliers (machine and hand knitters, and felters), purebred sheep breeders, commercial sheep breeders, sheep health presenters], sheep-care product suppliers, government agencies as well as the associated livestock handling groups.

The 4-H show was both entertaining and informative. The event drew people from across the province and from out-of-province as well.

I am looking forward to what is to come with the Prairie Shepherds 4-H next year and the years to follow. The real joy these young shepherds show with their interactions with their sheep is uplifting.

Lorna S. Wall Wall 2 Wall Sheep Ranch Poplarfield, MB

Action needed to halt Shoal Lake flooding

The Shoal Lakes have been flooding us out for over five years. Our hay lands and pastures are flooded. Feeding areas and cattle handling facilities are also flooded. Homes are in danger of flooding. At this point in time there is still no drain to take excess water off the Shoal Lakes. It has become Manitoba’s Devil’s Lake.

Provincial Roads #415 and #518 have been closed since June 24, 2010. We have no emergency service from the east via Provincial Road #415 and from the south via Provincial Road #518. There are seven school children that can no longer access their school of choice at Teulon because of the closure of Provincial Road #415.

Premier Selinger is not addressing our concerns. He flew north to assess flood damage and offer the help that was needed, plus he helped people across the ocean because of flooding. We are losing our livelihoods and our residences because of inaction by Selinger’s Government.

Stewart and Donna Tataryn R. M. of St. Laurent

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