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Let’s get talking

I appreciated the article in the August 30, 2012 edition entitled “Animal welfare – act now, or have someone else do it.” To have producers be proactive to address the concerns of both people in animal welfare groups as well as the purchasing public would be terrific. There does seem to be a tendency to stay the course with the scientific approach (“We’ve got to interject facts, and to counteract lies and mistruths, and that’s a hard thing to do”) and no recognition that an acceptable fact to a producer is not necessarily an acceptable fact to the layperson.

However, the purpose of my letter is to address the comment: “We’re talking in a civilized way rather than combatively in court fighting ballot initiatives and in MP’s offices.” Spefically the “we’re talking” part. In May of this year I wrote to the MPC politely asking a few questions as follows:

“Recently there has been a series of announcements from both fast-food chains and grocery stores that they will no longer accept pork products from producers and/or suppliers who continue to use sow stalls. This list includes Burger King, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Safeway, as well as a major grocery store chain in Australia which has made this decision to support their farmers as their sunset date for sow confinement systems arrives. As I am sure you keep detailed records on your pork product(s), please advise how this will impact Manitoba pork producers, specifically how much pork is currently supplied to the above-noted entities?”

Fairly innocuous stuff I thought. The letter was addressed to Karl Kynoch, chairman with a copy to Kelly Funke, senior communications co-ordinator. And as of today, no response. This tells me that the MPC at least isn’t the least bit concerned about “talking.”

Leslie Yeoman, Co-founder,

The Humane Education Network

Winnipeg, Man.



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