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Ramping up roadblocks for PED

The Manitoba Pork Council has advised additional precautions in southeastern Manitoba, which has seen three PED confirmations in the last week.

With three cases of PED confirmed within kilometres of each other in southern Manitoba, both the province and Manitoba Pork Council are looking to stop the spread of the virus.

The pork council has released the following recommendations to increase biosecurity in the affected region:

Producers are encouraged to:

  • Park all staff vehicles at the end of the driveway and wear dedicated footwear or plastic booties in the yard.
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  • Only allow essential service providers to visit the site, and insist they park at the end of the driveway and wear booties in the yard.
  • Push all garbage and dead stock pick-ups to the end of the driveway (if not already in effect) and away from where barn personnel and visitors will park.
  • Consider liming the driveways between the parking area and the barn – enough space to ensure all livestock and feed trucks entering the yard will get at least a full tire rotation’s worth of coverage.

Service providers are encouraged to:

  • Schedule visits within the area for the end of the week, if possible, or at least for last of the day, followed by a cleaning and disinfection procedure.
  • If necessary to visit a site, park at the end of the driveway, put on plastic booties when exiting the vehicle, and remove the booties when returning to the vehicle.
  • Minimize the amount of site contact to the essential service areas, only getting out of your vehicle when necessary.

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