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Federal Funds Support Turkey Farm Safety

The Turkey Farmers of Canada’s plans to update the course materials for their on-farm food safety program have picked up about $50,000 in federal funding.

The turkey producers’ on-farm food safety (OFFS) program, based on hazard analysis of critical control points (HACCP) principles, identifies potential on-farm food safety hazards and provides producers with best management practices to mitigate those risks.

The turkey farmers’ national OFFS program is intended “to make sure that potential food safety problems are caught before products leave the farm gate,” the government said in a release March 24.

Funding will go toward new training course materials “to ensure that farmers keep up to speed with new science and food safety practices,” the government said.

The funding for the Turkey Farmers will come from the Growing Forward ag policy funding framework, by way of its Canadian Integrated Food Safety Initiative, a program to support on-farm and post-farm HACCP-based food safety systems development, as well as traceability infrastructure.

“To assure our industry partners and consumers that our farmers take their roles very seriously, we work with our members to ensure the effectiveness of on-farm food safety practices,” said Turkey Farmers chair Mark Davies, a producer from Centreville, N. S., in the government’s release.



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