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Easter excitement fades

It’s back to normal after this key holiday for the market

Easter excitement fades

A late winter return seemed to usher in a cooler tone too at the latest sheep and goat auction at Winnipeg Livestock Auction.

With Easter demand past, the less exciting bidding season typical of summer appears to be starting to assert itself, regardless of the slow start to the spring.

Producers delivered 75 sheep and goats to the April 4 sale.

Selection for ewes was very limited, but there was something special for all buyers. A 185-pound Icelandic-cross ewe brought $0.825/lb. For a new producer, there were two pregnant 185-pound Suffolk-cross ewes, for a later lambing season. Six 134-pound Rideau-cross ewes brought $1.25/lb.

A 185-pound Rideau-cross ram represented the ram class at $1.14/lb.

Heavyweight lambs were on the wanted list for immediate use. There was a price difference between wool and hair lambs. Six 112-pound Dorper-cross lambs brought $1.87 per pound. A 115-pound Romney-cross lamb brought $2.01/lb. Two groups of lambs at 129 and 133 pounds brought $1.72 and $1.71/lb.

Feeder lambs were likely new-crop lambs based on their appearance and weight, which was reflected in the bidding. There were 13 88-pound lambs which brought $2.78 per pound.

No lightweight lambs have reached this price, based upon the bidding. Eight 79-pound lambs brought $2.69/lb.

The audience was entertained when the ring master carried in two bottle-fed lambs. Cute as they may be, the combination of the cold spring weather and the extra care with bottle feeding discouraged bidders and the lambs did not reach their required price for sale.

The demand for the goat does from past sales carried over to this event, a very dependable sign for producers. A Nubian-cross goat doeling represented the dairy class. As this Nubian-cross doeling entered in the arena, there was no doubt of the breed.

Limited selection and demand for the goat bucks kept the price bidding exciting and determined.

One small goat kid expressed its piercing yell with its strong lungs. This little goat was not going to be forgotten. The goat kid had the body frame of a Pygmy cross with Alpine markings.

The Ontario Stockyard Report expressed that all classes sold above last week’s auction, a positive hope for increases in future auctions and strong animal deliveries.

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