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Circovirus Vaccine Label Update

Canadian swine producers can now protect piglets one week earlier against porcine circovirus Type 2 (PCV2) with a new change to the Suvaxyn PCV2 vaccine label. The new label changes the age pigs can be vaccinated from four weeks to three weeks of age.

“The sooner producers are able to begin protecting young pigs from PCV2, the better the chances for overall herd health and productivity,” says Derek Groff, director of marketing with Wyeth Animal Health. “This new one-week jump start gives producers an important new option for controlling the potentially devastating effects of circovirus.”

Suvaxyn PCV2 provides control of blood infection (viremia) with PCV2, helping to prevent the spread of this deadly virus and to deliver protection for the whole herd. Suvaxyn PCV2 also offers the flexibility of administering as a convenient, single two-millilitre dose or in two separate onemillilitre doses. This combination of flexibility and convenience allows swine producers and veterinarians to work together to determine the optimal and most convenient time to vaccinate pigs, starting as early as three weeks of age.

Fund For New Dairy And Food Products

The Canadian Dairy Commission (CDC) has launched a new Matching Investment Fund. This fund is designed to encourage growth and innovation in the manufacture and use of Canadian dairy products and ingredients.

“This matching fund is a concrete measure to encourage new product development by Canadian companies,” said federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz. “This smart investment will increase demand for dairy and provide new and innovative products for consumers.”

The CDC has committed $6 million over three years for product development activities such as consultations with experts, product analysis, trials and technology transfer, industrial-scale tests, retrofitting of facilities, sample preparation, and packaging techniques. The maximum CDC contribution per project will be $50,000 for consultations and $250,000 for product development. Each of these dollars will be matched by the participating companies, either in cash or in kind.

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