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Changes To Trailers Will Improve Animal Welfare

A Blumenort livestock transport company has designed a trailer that could improve conditions for travelling hogs.

The trailer allows for more space to be utilized for the animals and a new system for regulating temperature. No other livestock trailer in North America provides all of this, a release from Steve’s Livestock says.

“It took a lot of brainstorming and meetings with our supplier Wilson Trailers to get this concept on the road,” says Steve Brandt, president of the company. “We knew we wanted to do something that would improve transport conditions for hogs. Who better than the people who work with hogs every day to take this on?”

Called the “waterloading trailer” because water would settle out equally in each of its sections, this new trailer’s axles are set two feet farther forward than those on most current livestock trailers. The space on this trailer is better utilized for the animals.

The new trailer also features a six-foot-wide side-unload door in addition to the standard rear door. The use of a side door means less distance to the exit, and twice the space to move through, as compared to the rear door.

The third new feature is called the “Muggy Mister System.” Sprinkler systems are often installed to keep animals cool on hot days by misting them with water, but the new system combines water and air to mist while also pushing hot air out of the trailer.

Steve’s Livestock currently has two of these trailers in use.

“Animal care is very important during the marketing of any livestock, and I commend Steve’s Transport for showing leadership with this new trailer design,” said Harold Gonyou, research scientist from the Prairie Swine Centre.



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