CFIA On Clone Watch – for Sep. 2, 2010

Aclaim that Canadian farms are importing embryos with cloned cow genetics has inspectors here watching the outcome of a U. K. investigation.

Britain’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) is investigating allegations of unauthorized sales of meat, processed from Holsteins alleged to be born from embryos taken from a U. S. clone.

Meat and products from clones’ offspring are considered “novel” foods and can’t be sold without authorization, the FSA said.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency said it will review any “credible” concerns raised in the U. K. investigation.

Canada’s interest stems from the international edition of theNew York Times,which on July 29 quoted an unnamed British dairy farmer as saying he’d sold milk from a cow bred from a clone and sold that cow’s embryos to unnamed “breeders in Canada.”

According to the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association, animal clones can be made in Canada but must be kept under quarantine and out of the food and feed chains.

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