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Cervid Industry Gets Export Support

The federal government is investing $20,000 to develop an international strategy to increase cervid exports, Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz announced Nov. 17.

“This investment will help identify new opportunities for the cervid industry in international markets, reaching new international consumers and strengthening our industry,” Ritz said in a release.

The Canadian Cervid Alliance mainly represents deer and elk ranchers and will benefit from this funding by developing an international strategy to assist the sector in identifying the strategic objectives, priorities and target markets to increase exports of this top-quality product.

“BSE and other infectious diseases have hit Canada’s livestock industries hard resulting in restrictions put in place by many countries to deal with the uncertainties. Science, diplomacy and investments from AgriMarketing will fix these problems,” said Canadian Cervid Alliance president Randy Wehrkamp. “Co-operatively with federal, provincial and territorial initiatives, our industry will return to the confidence and profitability levels we enjoyed in the past.”

The investment is delivered through the AgriMarketing program, which helps national producer and processor associations increase exports of safe, premium Canadian products around the world. The program helps implement long-term international strategies, which include activities such as the expansion of international markets, consumer education and brand promotion.



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