Cattle Thriving On Good Pastures, Hay – for Aug. 19, 2010

Prices remained steady on slaughter cattle throughout Manitoba’s auction yards during the week ended Aug. 13, as producers and auction marts get ready for the busier fall season.

Henry Penner from the Grunthal Auction Mart said he was satisfied with the prices that were accumulated at this week’s sale.

“I think they were pretty good. We didn’t have significant numbers on feeder cattle, but bulls were bringing right up to 80 cents. Cows were bringing right around 58-59 (cents),” Penner said.

During its sale this past week, the Grunthal market saw 125 slaughter cattle (bulls and cows), which is where numbers have been throughout most of the summer.

Penner expected to see prices on slaughter cattle take a turn for the worse once the traditionally slow summer season comes to an end.

“Slaughter usually goes down in fall (in price). Right now the prices are pretty good,” he said.

The cattle coming through the gates were looking healthy, according to Penner. He accredited part of that to the excellent growing conditions for pastures and hay this summer.

“Pastures are good. We had lots of rain; it was a little slow in getting the hay going, but now that they are getting it off, there is lots of it,” Penner said. He expects to see plenty of grain available for cattle in the winter.

In a sure sign that winter is right around the corner, the Grunthal Auction Mart will get back into weekly sales beginning Aug. 18, after operating on a biweekly schedule throughout the summer.

Meanwhile, west of the border, the Saskatchewan cattle herd is expected to become the largest in the country in the very near future.

Herb Lock of FarmSense Marketing in Edmonton said a sudden change in the political landscape in Saskatchewan is likely to be the reason for that province overtaking Alberta as the leader in total cattle.

The Saskatchewan government’s decision to go away from protection against foreigners owning land in the province, toward an attitude of being open for business, has been attracting new investment in Saskatchewan, and taking it away – to a degree – from its western neighbours.


Note:All prices in Canadian dollars per hundredweight. These prices also generally represent the top one-third of sales reported by the auction yard.

AshernLivestockMart: Closed until mid-August.

GladstoneAuctionMart: Closed until Aug. 16.

GrunthalLivestockAuction Mart:There were not enough cattle sold this week for a market report. Weekly sales resume beginning Aug. 18.

HeartlandLivestock Services,Brandon:Atotal of 142 cattle were on offer in Brandon during the week. A1-A2 steers traded from $80 to $84.25; A1-A2 heifers, $80- $83.25; D1-D2 cows, $55-$62, age verified $58-$64; feeder cows, $50-$55; shells, $30-$49; and good bulls, $72-$76.25.

Feeder steers weighing 900-1,000 lbs. sold from $95 to $102; 800-900 lbs., $98- $103.50; 700-800 lbs., $102- $113; 600-700 lbs., $105-$115; and 300-400 lbs., $115-$133.

Feeder heifers weighing 900-1,000 lbs., sold from $80 to $86.50; 800-900 lbs., $85- $93; 700-800 lbs., $90-$104.50; 600-700 lbs., $95-$103.50; and 500-600 lbs., $105-$118.25.

Auctions will be held every Tuesday at Brandon during the summer.

HeartlandLivestock Services,Virden:Therewere about 378 cattle sold at the sale held Aug. 11.

Butcher steers brought $81- $84.25 while butcher heifers sold from $79 to $83.25. Age-verified/young cows sold from $58 to $63.25; D1-D2 cows, $57-$62; D3 cows, $54- $57; shelly cows, $47-$53; and mature bulls, $72-$77.50.

Feeder steers weighing 900- 1,000 lbs. brought $93-$102.75; 800-900 lbs., $99-$108; 700- 800 lbs., $102-$113; 600-700 lbs., $107-$118; and 500-600 lbs., $110-$121.

Feeder heifers weighing 900-1,000 lbs. traded from $83 to $92.75; 800-900 lbs., $90- $98.75; 700-800 lbs., $95-$104; 600-700 lbs., $99-$110; and 500-600 lbs., $100-$112.

Auctions will be held every Wednesday at Virden during the summer.

KillarneyAuctionMart: Closed until mid-August.

PipestoneLivestockSales: Closed until the end of August.

Ste.RoseAuctionMart:The next sale will be held Aug. 19.

TaylorAuctions,Melita:The next sale will be held Aug. 19.

WinnipegLivestockSales: There were about 176 head of cattle sold during the week ending Aug. 13. In the slaughter market, choice steers and heifers sold from $83 to $85; dry fed cows, $50-$54; good fleshed, $46-$50; lean, $40- $46; young age verified, $50- $60; and good bulls, $65-$74.

Feeder steers weighing 800- 900 lbs. brought $100-$104.50. Feeder heifers weighing 600- 700 lbs. traded up to $105, and 500-600 lbs., up to $109.

Winnipeg will hold a sale on Fridays only during the summer months.

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