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Cattle Marketings A Record Low

USDA reported Sept. 18 the cattle supply on major U. S. feedlots at 9.882 million head, or 99 per cent of a year ago. The amount of cattle placed onto feedlots during August was put at 2.110 million, or 102 per cent of last year, cattle marketed during August at 1.81 million, or 96 per cent.

The report showed the feedlot supply at a six-year low for Sept. 1, but placements were larger than the average guess, marketings were a record low for August and there was an increase in the number of heavyweight cattle being placed which weighs on nearby futures because those cattle will be ready for market soon.

The report was in line with most expectations but showed an increase in feedlot supplies from the previous month following stepped-up movement of cattle onto feed and slow marketings.



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