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Riding takes the reins at Manitoba Beef Producers

Dianne Riding of Lake Francis is the new president of the Manitoba Beef Producers

Dianne Riding has been named president of the Manitoba Beef Producers, following the group’s annual meeting Feb. 6-7.

The Manitoba Beef Producers (MBP) will have someone new at the helm in 2020.

Former vice-president Dianne Riding was named president of the organization following MBP’s annual general meeting in Brandon Feb. 6-7.

Riding is entering her seventh year as director of MBP’s District 9, an area stretching north on the eastern edge of the province from Whitemouth halfway up the shore of Lake Winnipeg and extending west to the R.M. of Woodlands.

“I’ve been very interested in communications, AGM…I like to partner with other commodities,” she said. “I’m looking very forward to hopefully having a very prosperous year and a good year for our cattle producers.”

Riding previously sat on MBP’s committee for Crown lands, an issue that exploded in fall 2019 with the release of new lease regulations, and is expected to continue into the coming year. The issue accounted for half of all resolutions put forward during the most recent AGM.

“I do see that we cannot give up,” she said of MBP’s lobby efforts. “I do think that we are going to get some positives out of this. We may not get everything on everyone’s wish list, but I’m really hoping that we can work and make it more comfortable for everyone.”

Among other things, the organization has been pushing for a longer roll out of the new rental formula, well as a rollback on the province’s decision to scrap unit transfers and an extension of lease renewals to all leases, not just existing agreements.

Riding’s resume also includes two terms as a director of Agriculture in the Classroom, an education and outreach program aimed at schools.

“I always have been very consumer-focused,” she said, pointing to the often-citied need for producers to go out and, “tell our story.”

“We have had a feed shortage. We do have to do some upgrades to our business risk management tools, but we also have to remember we have to stay focused, that we have to be able to sell our products to the consumers,” she said.

Riding and her husband run around 120 head in their cow-calf operation.

Riding takes over from Tom Teichroeb of Langruth, Man. Teichroeb stepped into the role in 2018, after prior president Ben Fox left to bid for a federal Conservative candidate spot in the riding of Dauphin-Swan River-Neepawa.

Teichroeb’s tenure saw two of the most challenging feed supply years in recent memory. Teichroeb also pointed to the ongoing issue of Crown lands.

“In light of all of that, overall it has been so extremely positive,” he said of his term. “On a national side, we have more access than we ever had. So, to me, there’s a potential to grow the industry, grow our market potential.”

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