Abattoir Program Deadline Extended – for Aug. 19, 2010

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada is extending the application deadline for the initial phase of the Abattoir Competitiveness Program to Aug. 27, 2010 to allow eligible recipients more time to take advantage of the program.

Federally, provincially and territorially inspected cattle slaughter facilities that slaughtered over-30-month-old (OTM) cattle in Canada during 2009 and 2010 calendar years will be eligible for support based on their 2010 production of specified risk materials (SRM) from OTM cattle in Canada.

Applicants who do not apply for an initial payment may apply for the final payment, but on the basis of their production of SRM from OTM cattle during the final payment period only.

Announced on July 5, 2010, the program is making $25 million available to help Canadian cattle slaughterhouses maintain critical slaughter capacity in Canada for OTM cattle while the industry undertakes efforts to become more innovative and competitive when dealing with SRM.

For more information on the Abattoir Competitiveness Program and how to apply, visit www.agr.gc.ca/acp or call 1-877-290-2188.



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