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4-H Reports – for Nov. 18, 2010

TheCo-operatorwill publish 4-H reports once a month. Reports can be submitted by the third week of the month by email to [email protected], by regular mail to 4-H Reports, c/o Manitoba Co-operator,1666 Dublin Ave., Winnipeg, Man. R3H 0H1 or by fax to 204-954- 1422.


The club had its first general meeting of the year on Oct. 12 at the Gainsborough Hall at 6:59 p.m. We started out our meeting with the elections: secretary Rachael Verwey, reporter Lindsay Verwey, treasurer Brailen Smith, vicepresident Riely Trimble and our president for 2010-11, Shania Jack. We discussed other matters as well as the “rate of gain.” Shania Jack’s steer came in second and Even Trimble’s steer came in first, gaining over 700 pounds. We also announced our club’s carcass winners: Shyla Goulet placed first and her brother Wyatt got second.

There was also an announcement about our Halloween dance which happened Oct. 23 at Gainsborough Hall from 7 to 10 p.m. We had quite the turnout of about 75 people in total. A big thanks to our DJ Ryan Simpson and our haunted house people and all of the moms and leaders and decorators who did a spectacular job decorating, arranging “Fear Factor” and making the dance possible.

We also discussed the fall supper to be held Nov. 12. There will be entertainment from each club; food and awards will be presented. – Lindsay Verwey


October has been a very busy month for the Silver Spurs. We had our first meeting Oct. 14 with an election of officers: president Christina Paramor, vicepresident Kelsey Ellis, secretary Jolene Plourde, treasurer Daisy McKee, reporter Abbey McLeod, scrapbooker Kennedy Perry and Banner scanner Kara Ellis.

On a very windy and cool Oct. 16, we had a riding clinic with Abe Friesen. We had a lot of fun learning basic horsemanship. On Oct. 22 the 4-H’ers participated in the Youth Extravaganza at the Wheat City Stampede.

On Oct. 28, we had our second meeting. We received our project books from Jamie Ellis and Christa McKee, our two head leaders. Our project leaders are Toni Stoddart, Christa McKee, Cornel ia McLeod, Jamie Ellis and Lori Brooking. At this meeting, we had our Halloween party. We played cool games like bobbing for apples, Pictionary, mummy wrap and others. It’s starting to look like November is going to be another fun-filled month. – Abbey McLeod


We had our first meeting Oct. 18. Presently there are 13 members registered but room for lots more; please call Petrina Wooley at 204-685- 2717 if you would like to join. The home ec projects consist of Exploring 4-H, Foods and Leadership, while in the beef club we work on learning all about raising our beef calves.

The club held its elections, with the following elected: president Nikki Blyth, vicepresident Jon Sylvester, secretary Devon Wooley, treasurer Davis Wright and club reporter Trenton Friesen.

We also made up a calendar of events. Highlights include weigh day, where we weigh our calves, as well as a Christmas party, speech night, fun day, Earth Day cleanup and, of course, our Achievements. We wish all former 4-H’ers well and look forward to hopefully seeing some new faces at our next meeting.

– Trenton Friesen


A group of local 4-H members from the Roland 4-H Beef Club and the Morden Achievers participated in a 4-H exchange that had them travel all the way to New Brunswick July 19-26.

Carrie Hennan from Roland and Jennifer Kolesar from Morden decided to get a group of 4-H members together to experience a different province. It was not difficult to find 10 kids who were interested and committed to doing some fundraising.

While in New Brunswick, the Manitoba members stayed with the New Brunswick 4-H families. A busy week was scheduled with various activities including deep-sea fishing, whale watching and a Farmers’ Olympics. The group also enjoyed seeing the Bay of Fundy and the 16 covered bridges that still exist. The group travelled over the Confederation Bridge and enjoyed an overnight trip to Prince Edward Island where they ventured into the ocean for a saltwater swim.

The same members who were paired up in New Brunswick were matched up again when the New Brunswick group came to Manitoba Aug. 5-12. Some events included visits to the Royal Canadian Mint, Museum of Man and Nature and Oak Hammock Marsh. In the Roland/Morden area the group toured a Hutterite colony, the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre and Roland 4-H Museum (the home of Canadian 4-H) and enjoyed a bison supper at the Morden beach along with the high-l ight: zip-lining in the Pembina Hills.

The Manitoba group appreciates the support received from local businesses. Farm Credit Canada donated $1,000 and $500 came from McCain’s; the Canada Youth Exchange paid for airfare. Many other bus inesses donated items to present to the New Brunswick group before they left our province.

Members involved include Dayna Foxton, Robyn Foxton, Keila Doney, Danielle Friesen, Emerald Gebler- Ariss, Kendall Roberts, Derek Unrau, Duncan Rudd, Brad Glover and Josh Hennan.



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