Letters: Quarry fight reveals undermining of democracy

In response to letters by Jon Crowson and Ruth Pryzner in the Aug. 6 Manitoba Co-operator:

Democracy — It was paid for by the blood and casualties of veterans and those who paid the supreme sacrifice, who now lie in graves in distant lands, far from their loved ones, family and homeland. I am a veteran.

Our cemeteries in Canada, Europe and throughout the world are marked with crosses of Canadians, who fought the tyranny of governments in far-away places.

They believed in the cause and their fight for democracy.

Now, that same cancer of tyranny has found its way into Manitoba’s government and Bill 19.

The evidence is clear. The democratically elected municipal councillors in the RM of Rosser have decided not to approve the quarry development.

However, the unelected Municipal Board — plus Bill 19 — and with the blessing of the province, can force these developments through.

What happened to “democracy?”

Our democracy doesn’t need more education. However, it is apparent that our Pallister government needs to address its failures in recognizing the true meaning and application of democracy.

John Fefchak
Virden, Manitoba

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