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Letters: Buying local no disaster

I believe buying Canadian food is a great idea. Hence I was troubled by Sylvain Charlebois’ article in the January 30 Co-operator, which noted Feds’ Buy Canadian food campaign could be a disaster.

The federal government is pursuing CETA the Canadian European Trade Agreement which could result in French cheese being more available than Manitoba cheese, for example. Hopefully advertising of food locally or from Europe will be balanced.

Most trade agreements are known to give more benefits to corporations than to local producers. We know that employment is increased when we use made-in-Canada products.

All farmers big and small ought to benefit from both the “Product of Canada” and the “Made in Canada” designations of food available in Canadian stores and markets.

A way to support farmers in Manitoba is for the federal government to encourage the purchase of local foods. Fortunately we have such foods available.

Hopefully advertisers can encourage the buy local model rather than trade agreements that support foreign countries.

Barry Hammond

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