Foxwarren citizen embodies community service

Floyd McTavish is the RM of Prairie View’s Volunteer Citizen of the Year

From left, Liz Finch, Floyd McTavish, and Morley Butler, RM of Prairie View deputy reeve.

Floyd McTavish, like many volunteers, is part of the glue that holds his community together.

“Volunteers are a treasure; Floyd’s quiet commitment to service has indeed made our community richer, in ways that words cannot possibly describe,” said Liz Finch, a Foxwarren resident.

Finch nominated McTavish for Prairie View municipality’s 2020 Volunteer Citizen of the Year, a distinction the community awarded him.

In 1997, McTavish and his wife Joan moved to Foxwarren, a village near the Saskatchewan border. They came from a farm in neighbouring RM of Silver Creek and brought a long history of dedication to the community.

McTavish was one of a group of fellows who formed the “Snow Club,” whose members took turns plowing side roads after a snowstorm before the RM assumed this responsibility. He also stepped up to maintain the small, rural Seeburn Cemetery, a role he has continued since his move to Foxwarren.

Shortly after arriving in Foxwarren, Floyd joined the newly formed Foxwarren Co-op board, an effort to establish a gas bar, convenience store and restaurant in the former Foxwarren School.

The effort proved unsuccessful, so McTavish led the sale of the building and grounds to Birdtail Sioux First Nation, ensuring that all shareholders were fully refunded every cent they had invested.

McTavish has also been involved with the Memory Garden, the Community Chapel, and represented Foxwarren as a member of the municipal EMO Committee for several years. Recreation was important to him as well. He volunteered time at the community rink and leisure centre.

The community also recognized McTavish for smaller services — checking on an elderly neighbour, boosting a stalled vehicle, canvassing for a local cause like the rink or the chapel, or just sitting and visiting with someone who needed company.

“Floyd has raised the bar when it came to volunteering,” Finch said. “We are very fortunate that they retired to Foxwarren. Their generosity and loyalty has made Foxwarren a better community.”

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