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Letters: Crown land sales already raising ire

In response to Agriculture and Resource Development Minister Blaine Pedersen’s letter in the Jan. 16 issue of the Co-operator:

Minister Pedersen,

I am new to this part of the world, but not to ranching. And I’m a fast learner.

I understand that many producers were unhappy with the old points system used, in this province, to allocate Crown land.

Bless your heart for trying to improve on it.

I’m sure you are very happy with your first Crown Land Lease Auctions. They were well organized and many people attended.

The parcels auctioned were mostly small pieces that had been abandoned or expired. It is no surprise that younger producers could afford them and that there was no interest from out of province.

I do know that one big fellow stayed on after the sale in Dauphin, just in case the tempers, that flared after the results of some sales, erupted into swinging fists.

If you really intend to auction large, well-maintained leases that people have put their blood, sweat, heart and soul into, what do you think will happen then?

Young farmers can’t afford them, large out-of-province players get involved and you now need security at your sales.

I’m sorry that you misunderstood my position on Crown Land Auctions.

It was stated clearly in my letter to you, that the auction system is a fine way to allocate unoccupied, surrendered or abandoned leases.

It is NOT applicable to leases that are part of operating ranches.

I will NOT be attending a future auction to bid on Crown leases.

They are a terrible investment at a 15-year term.

Land auctions are just a small piece of the drastic changes made by your government.

If you really were or are a cattleman then I’m sorry that you don’t seem to see the damage you will do to your fellow Manitobans.

Shelley Dyck
Ste. Rose du Lac

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