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Conservatives Pull Out All Stops To Ram CWB Bill Into Law

CO-OPERATOR CONTRIBUTOR / OTTAWA The Conservatives have the legislation to strip the Canadian Wheat Board of its wheat and barley monopoly on a forced march through Parliament. Second reading debate began Oct. 19 and was set to conclude Oct. 24 as theCo-operatorwas going to press. The government will use its majority to give the bill

Letters – for Sep. 1, 2011

As the District 2 CWB director, I attended the three so-called producer information meetings set up by the CWB in Medicine Hat, Camrose and Falher. Having read some of the media reports of the meetings in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, I knew that these meetings were all about politics, and an all-or-nothing message from the CWB

Sterling Lyon: A Man Of Strong Principle

Sterling Lyon, Manitoba’s premier from 1977 to 1981, died in Winnipeg Dec. 16 following a brief illness. He was 83. A career public figure for over 40 years, Lyon was variously a lawyer, Crown attorney, MLA, attorney general, premier and opposition leader before becoming an Appeal Court judge. His four-year term as premier was tumul

U.S. Senate Ag Panel Gets New Chair

Senator Debbie Stabenow of Michigan will become chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee next year, putting her in charge of overhauling U.S. farm policy when spending cuts are likely and her leadership skills are unproven. Stabenow won expansion of programs for fruit and vegetable growers in the 2008 farm law without alienating growers of row

U.S. Election Means A Pinch On Farm Funds

U.S. lawmakers will face increasing pressure to constrain spending on farm subsidy programs, possibly as part of government-wide austerity, in the wake of large Republican gains in the midterm elections. At its most extreme, the budget cutting could push millions of acres back into production by slashing long-term reserves that idle 10 per cent of

Liberals Step Up Gun Registry Pressure – for Sep. 16, 2010

With the Commons heading toward a Sept. 22 shootout over Conservative plans to scrap the long-gun registry, the Liberals are stepping up the pressure to reform it instead. Liberal MP Frank Valeriote of Guelph, one of the party’s leading MPs on the Commons agriculture committee, didn’t mince words objecting to Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s unbending

Cargill Plant Seized By Venezuelan Government

“The measure only includes the rice plant.” – ELIAS JAUA, AGRICULTURE MINISTER Venezuela said March 5 it has no plans to take over any additional holdings of U. S. food giant Cargill after socialist President Hugo Chavez ordered the seizure of the rice plant, renewing his nationalization drive. Chavez’s clash with the food companies, demanding

South Korea warns U. S. president on trade deal

South Korea has urged the new U. S. president not to renegotiate a free trade deal signed last year, saying the winner of the vote will find the pact beneficial to both sides. Democrat Barack Obama has said he opposes the free trade deal with South Korea unless it is renegotiated to grant greater access

Poll shows McCain, Obama tied in rural vote

After trailing by 10 points in U. S. rural areas, Democrat Barack Obama is neck and neck with Republican John McCain among rural voters in 13 swing states, a potentially key group for winning the White House, according to a poll released last Thursday. Obama was supported by 46 per cent and McCain by 45