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CFIA flubs food failure followup

CFIA flubs food failure followup

Canada’s auditor general has identified weaknesses in how the Canadian Food Inspection Agency manages recalls of contaminated foods and its followups with processors to prevent further incidents. “While illnesses were contained in the recalls we examined, I am not confident that the system will always yield similar results,” Auditor General Michael Ferguson said in his

Research project pinpoints cause of bison deaths

The preliminary results are in from a bison research project examining the post-mortem findings and pathogenic agents causing bison deaths in Alberta herds. Four veterinarians have examined the causes of 100 bison deaths in herds across the province. The research group is composed of four veterinarians — Drs. Burrage, Clark, Lewis, and Tremblay. Although only

Feed withdrawal saves costs and contamination

Not withdrawing feed for a period prior to shipping market hogs can cost up to $5 per head, according to Dr. Eduardo Beltranena of Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development. Not only that, he says, it can also increase transportation losses and compromise pork safety. However, while packer contracts stipulate that feed withdrawal should be carried

Britain’s food agency seeks stringent tests on beef products

reuters / Britain’s horsemeat scandal has prompted the Food Standards Agency to demand a more stringent meat-testing program from U.K.’s retailers. The agency has demanded that food retailers and suppliers test all beef products such as burgers, meatballs and lasagne and present their findings to the agency by February 15. Britain’s food industry has been

Salmonella linked to ground beef sickens 16 in U.S.

Reuters / Sixteen people across five states have fallen ill from salmonella poisoning, several from a raw ground beef dish served at a single restaurant, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Jan. 28. Local, state and federal health and regulatory officials said the likely cause of the Salmonella Typhimurium outbreak was Jouni

More New Year ad-verse-ity

Yes, that time again, it’s become a tradition To editorialize in verse in the year’s first edition We review the year past, then with great perspicacity Predict the next year’s events with remarkable accuracy Well, most of the time, because I have to confess That the advice I gave last year was not quite the