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Bayer Settles U. S. Rice Contamination Case

Germany’s Bayer AG has agreed to settle a lawsuit brought by a group of Texas rice growers over claims the company’s experimental biotech rice contaminated the U. S. supply four years ago and decimated exports. Bayer said it had agreed to pay $290,000 to settle the case, involving eight plaintiffs from three farming operations. The

In Brief… – for Oct. 7, 2010

Deer ticks now across province:The deer ticks known to harbour the bacteria that cause Lyme disease can now be found throughout Manitoba, including their “well-established” population in the southeast, according to U of M entomologist Terry Galloway. Until this season’s fieldwork is done, it’s not known if deer tick populations have also “established” themselves in

Monsanto Claims Victory In Seed Fight

Monsanto Co. said Jan. 19 a Federal Court had ruled in its favour in a bitter dispute with key rival DuPont, finding DuPont had violated a licensing agreement in trying to combine certain genetic seed traits developed by Monsanto with its own. DuPont officials said the court decision was “narrow” allowing them to continue to

Big South American Soy Crop To Test Storage Capacity

The record soybean crops that are fast approaching harvest in Latin America will put the Southern Cone region’s infrastructure to the test, more so in Brazil than in Argentina. Isolated harvesting in the world’s No. 2 soybean grower Brazil has already started in the centre-west, the main soy-growing region which has some of the greatest

U. S. jury finds Parmalat milked Citigroup

“Citi was the largest victim of the Parmalat fraud and not part of it.” – Citigroup Statement A U. S. jury on Monday found Italian dairy company Parmalat had defrauded Citigroup in a case stemming from Parmalat’s 2003 collapse, and awarded the bank US$364.2 million in damages. The 6-1 verdict was handed down by a