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Kale is an increasingly popular vegetable for humans, but some varieties have animal feed potential as well. photo: thinkstock

It’s a highly nutritious and long-season forage, but can kale handle winter?

A kale-ryegrass combination offers grazers extended grazing 
opportunities in the fall and a summertime forage option, too

Grazers growing kale for forage will soon see how the crop handles an Alberta winter. “It’s supposed to handle the cold really well and still stand. We got -10 here the other day and heavy frost, and she’s still going,” said Crossfield-area grazer Graeme Finn at the recent Foothills Forage and Grazing Association crop tour.

Glencore founder dies in Switzerland

Billionaire Marc Rich, who invented oil trading and was pardoned by President Bill Clinton over tax evasion, racketeering and busting sanctions with Iran, died June 26 in Switzerland aged 78. Rich fled the Holocaust with his parents for America to become the most successful and controversial trader of his time and a fugitive from U.S.

Thoughts on Easter

We all have memories of highlights in our lives that may have happened last year or a few years ago. Let’s think about a historical moment happening some 2,000 years ago. Jesus Christ was innocent, but was charged, convicted and sentenced to death on a cross. He took the punishment for our sins and paid

The quest is on to improve rate of canola emergence

Canola seeds may be tiny, but they don’t come cheap. That’s prompted more farmers to use row-crop precision seeders in order to get more bang for their buck. There are many row-crop seeders on the market, but the problem is none of them do a perfect job, said Pipe-stone-area farmer Frank Prince, who offered his

Lynas moves from GM foe to friend

When Mark Lynas took the stage here Jan. 23 as keynote speaker at the 2013 edition of Manitoba Potato Production Days, he knew he was likely a strange and exotic creature to his audience. The British environmentalist and author has been involved in the environmental movement since the mid-1990s and for many years he was

Pardons for border runners raise questions

Now that the CWB is changed, Stephen Harper says farmers who broke the law in the 1990s deserve to be pardoned

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s decision to pardon some of the western farmers convicted of contravening Customs Act regulations in the 1990s is raising eyebrows. “Where does that stop?” Bob Roehle, a former CWB employee and member of Friends of the Canadian Wheat Board asked. “In a democracy, do I get to choose which laws I

Ontario farmer continues dairy fight

An Ontario dairy farmer is appealing his conviction of producing, selling and distributing raw milk to the Ontario Court of Appeal. Michael Schmidt, who farms northwest of Toronto, was charged in 2006 following an undercover police sting operation into his dairy business, which supplied 150 families with raw milk. Each family had paid $300 for

Is soil fumigation worth it in Manitoba potato crops?

Should Manitoba potato growers be following the example of their counterparts south of the border and begin incorporating soil fumigation with Vapam into their management practices? Mario Tenuta, a soil scientist with the University of Manitoba, has been looking into the question, but says drawing conclusions would be premature. “We’re really just starting to get

Futures industry shaken as another broker goes bankrupt

Reuters / Russell Wasendorf Sr., arrested last Friday, confessed to a 20-year fraud at Peregrine Financial Group (PFG), his now-bankrupt Iowa brokerage, saying business troubles and his “big” ego left him no choice: “So I cheated.” In the dramatic conclusion to a week-long saga that has shaken trader confidence in the trillion-dollar U.S. futures markets,

Bison farmer fined

Staff / A McCreary farmer has been fined $1,000 in provincial court for failing to submit his bison herd to Canadian Food Inspection Agency officials for inspection and testing for bovine tuberculosis. Ron Chotka pled guilty and was fined under the Health of Animals Act Dec. 19, 2011, a CFIA release says. Livestock owners are