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Monsanto gains approval for TruFlex

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and Health Canada have granted full food, feed and environmental safety approval for Monsanto’s next generation Roundup Ready canola trait, paving the way for what Monsanto anticipates will be a commercial preview launch to farmers in 2014, a Monsanto release says. The new canola trait will be marketed under

Flax Growers Vote To Scrap Checkoff Cap

The Manitoba Flax Growers Association (MFGA) wants the $275 cap removed from its farmer checkoff of half a per cent of the value of flax when it’s sold. MFGA members voted in favour of removing the cap at their annual meeting here March 3. The MFGA will ask the Agricultural Producers’ Organization Cer tification Agency

RR Soybeans Off Patent But Still Restricted

The one company committed to selling off-patent Roundup Ready 1 soybeans in 2012 says it will use contracts to ensure farmers don’t save and reuse the seed. But Pioneer Hi-Bred will continue to make the seed available for one-time use only once it comes off patent in August, 2011 at least until 2014, a company

China Proposes GMO Legislation

China’s National People’s Congress, or parliament, is proposing legislation on the management of genetically modified (GMO) food, the official Xinhua news agency said in a report seen Dec. 27. The legislation will cover the import and export of GMO food and production, development and research of GMO grains. China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection is preparing

Two More Private Members’ Bills Deal With CWB

Two more private members’ bills dealing with the Canadian Wheat Board received first reading in the House of Commons last week. If it becomes law Bill C-588 will stop members of Parliament from spending taxpayers’ money to influence Canadian Wheat Board elections. Bill C-589, if approved, will give the CWB’s directors more control of the

Manitoba Alfalfa Growers Appear Before Ag Committee

“We need this committee to understand that growing alfalfa is fundamentally different from growing annual crops.” – JIM LINTOTT Manitoba forage growers support an NDP bill to require new genetically engineered crops to undergo a marketing assessment, putting them at odds with canola and other crop producers who are opposed to it. Kelvin Einarson, a

Field Testing For A New GM Flax Is Put On Hold

We’re not going to do anything that’s illicit. But I think research has to go on.” – RANDALL WESELAKE AUniversity of Alberta researcher has bowed to pressure from the flax industry and cancelled plans to conduct plot trials on a genetically modified flax this spring. Randall Weselake, the University of Alberta professor developing the new

Progress Being Made To Stop GM-Related Trade Disruptions

“I think there’s increased recognition within Europe that the pendulum swung too far… and I think there is a conscious effort to re-examine it.” – Dennis Stephens Trade disruptions caused by itinerant genetically modified (GM) crops can be fixed if countries end their zero-tolerance policy and set low but realistic thresholds, says Dennis Stephens, a

U. S. Supreme Court Hears GM Alfalfa Arguments

WASHINGTON, D. C. The U. S. Supreme Court was asked last week to rule on whether the courts have the authority to block genetically modified crops due to environmental concerns. The case involving Monsanto’s genetically modified Roundup Ready alfalfa heard here April 27 marks the first time the controversies over commercializing new technology have reached

Voluntary Better Than Legislated

Thousand Seed Weight (grams) Estimated Canola Plant Populations Under Various Seeding Conditions To maximize yield, ideal plant populations range from seven to 14 plants/ft2. At any set seeding rate (lb./ac.), the typical average for emergence is around 50 per cent depending on field conditions. The plant population will also be affected by seed size, measured