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Mini-chucks put on impressive performance

If you thought miniature ponies were only good for teaching children how to ride or for looking cute, Clayton Hawreluik has news for you — mini chuckwagon races are hot stuff. “It started out as a little hobby but it has turned into a little more than we expected it to,” said Hawreluik, who started

Research project pinpoints cause of bison deaths

The preliminary results are in from a bison research project examining the post-mortem findings and pathogenic agents causing bison deaths in Alberta herds. Four veterinarians have examined the causes of 100 bison deaths in herds across the province. The research group is composed of four veterinarians — Drs. Burrage, Clark, Lewis, and Tremblay. Although only

Seized horses get a new lease on life

Lakeview councillor describes filly he bought at auction as ‘pretty as a picture 
with a nice personality — just perfect for a little kid’

She could easily have ended up on someone’s dinner plate, but now she’s a promising student in Richard Callander’s round pen. “She’s actually pretty well put together,” said Callander, as he demonstrated the yearling filly’s quick progress since he brought her back to his ranch along with five other mares and foals from the Gladstone

New Mexico coyote-hunting contest pits ranchers against wildlife lovers

Reuters / A statewide coyote-hunting contest planned for later this month has caused an uproar in New Mexico, pitting environmentalists against ranchers, as heated words flooded social media networks and thousands signed a petition opposing the hunt as cruel. The furor prompted the Albuquerque gun store owner who originally sponsored the contest to cancel, but

Wyoming wolves to lose Endangered Species Act protection

Grey wolves in Wyoming, the last still federally protected in the northern Rockies, will lose endangered species status at the end of September, opening them to unregulated killing in most of the state, the U.S. government said Aug. 31. The planned delisting of Wyoming’s estimated 350 wolves caps a steady progression of diminishing federal safeguards

Species now protected

Manitoba’s only lizard is being protected and studied Very little is actually known about the skink, and as a result a skink-monitoring project is underway. It is being carried out by a volunteer, Devon Baete, on behalf of the Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation. For the past two summers, Baete has talked to landowners who have

Horses Are Susceptible To Sunburn

The most likely cause of sunburn in horses is known as photosensi t ization. Photosensitization means hypersensitivity or allergy of the skin to sunlight. With photosensitization, non-pigmented skin is at risk whenever substances in the diet and sunlight reach a certain combination level. Unfortunately horses with sunburn are often discovered after the damage is done.