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Investors Try New Tactic With African Agriculture

Africa has long been a target for wealthy philanthropists who donate money in a fight against the continent’s poverty, disease epidemics and food shortages. Now, taking a cue from the non-profit world, profit-hungry investors are eyeing Africa in a new way, putting a charitable spin on their pursuit of double-digit returns. Whether it’s making loans

Ont. Processor To Buy Lilydale In Meats Merger

Toronto-area meat processor Sofina Foods has signed a $75-million cash-and-bonds deal to take over Edmonton poultry packer Lilydale Inc. Privately held Sofina, which processes and sells pork, beef and poultry products for the domestic, U. S. and Japanese markets, has offered Lilydale’s shareholders $10 cash and about $5.43 in debentures per share. The buyer will

U. S. pipeline firms see ethanol in future

U. S. companies are boosting efforts to see if shipping ethanol through pipelines can be a less expensive, safer alternative to sending it on trucks and trains. Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, one of the largest energy pipeline companies in North America, said in early December it has started sending batches of the biofuel through a