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Express SG approved ahead of winter wheat

DuPont Canada said today it has picked up approval for its Group 2 herbicide Express SG to be used with glyphosate as a burnoff before seeding winter wheat.

DuPont cereals and oilseeds product manager Travis Schoonbaert said farmers who want to control broadleaf weeds such as dandelion, narrow-leaved hawk’s beard, stinkweed and volunteer canola before seeding winter wheat should consider the product combination. “Winter wheat can be seeded 24 hours after the application,” he said.

The company recommended farmers apply Express SG at six grams per acre with a minimum 0.4 litres per acre of glyphosate. For post-harvest application, it also recommended using the combination when broadleaf weeds are still mainly green and actively growing, before a hard frost causes the plants to become mostly purple.

The Express/glyphosate combination is also approved for use as a pre-seed burnoff and for chem-fallow. Express SG’s registration covers combinations with Roundup Weathermax, Roundup Transorb, Roundup Original, Roundup Dry, Touchdown iQ or Touchdown 600.

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