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Clearfield expands

BASF Canada is increasing the scope of its Clearfield Production System in several directions for 2008, including seed, herbicide, discount offers — and new technology use fees, the company has announced.

“Together with our seed partners we are bringing new value to western Canadian producers and developing a number of unique, made-for-Canada solutions that reflect the requirements and diversity of Canadian agriculture today,” said Ron Kehler, marketing manager for BASF Canada.

There will be four high-yielding Clearfield hybrids canola varieties available in 2008, two of which are new and two of which were introduced in 2007. There will also be four Clearfield Nexera varieties available in 2008, two of which are new, the company said.

BASF also anticipates the introduction of the Clearfield Production System for sunflowers in 2008, Kehler said, noting that there are five Clearfield sunflower varieties that have been approved. There is also a new variety of Clearfield wheat and a new Clearfield lentil variety for the 2008 season, the company noted.

BASF is seeking registrations for new uses for its Odyssey DLX for use with Clearfield canola, Solo for Clearfield lentils and Odyssey and Solo for Clearfield sunflowers.

Since 2002, growers have been signing a “Clearfield Commitment” which outlines each party’s responsibilities associated with the use of Clearfield technology and also serves as an annual licence to access the technology.

For 2008, BASF is introducing a Clearfield Commitment Fee for Clearfield canola and Clearfield sunflowers. The fee will be $30 per bag of Clearfield canola and $3 per acre of Clearfield sunflowers. There is no fee for Clearfield wheat and Clearfield lentils in 2008. Growers of all Clearfield crops will still be required to sign a Clearfield Commitment.

“The Clearfield Commitment Fee is part of our strategy to accelerate trait-based innovations and ultimately deliver even more opportunity to western Canadian growers,” Kehler said.

By signing a Clearfield Commitment, the company said, growers will also get access to the Clearfield Advantage: a package of benefits available to growers including discounts on canola and sunflower herbicides, discounts on cereal seed treatments, and respraying guarantees if Odyssey DLX and Absolute fail to control grassy weeds.

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