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Weekly Manitoba Insect and Disease update

Alfalfa Weevil found in alfalfa

MAFRD’s weekly Manitoba Insect and Disease Update is now available. See the version the website for full details and photos.


• Flowering canola crop needs to be protected against white mould since there have been many rain events lately

• Phytophthora root rot of soybean has started showing up, especially in flooded fields.

• Early lesions of sunflower rust have been found in a second location.

• Alfalfa weevil levels were quite noticeable in some alfalfa fields, but they are now starting to pupate, so levels are declining.

• Levels of larvae of diamondback moth have been low across most of Manitoba, with the exception of some canola fields in the Stead area.

• Rust spots have been found again in sunflowers; this time from Elm Creek area.

• So far there have been no reports of high levels of wheat midge in Manitoba, and emergence may still be in the early stages in northern Manitoba and the northern Interlake. Parasitoids maybe useful in control.

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