Two new branded off-patent products hit market

MANA Canada has introduced two new off-patent co-pack products that are analogues of popular products already available in Western Canada.

The new Topline herbicide is a cereal product that includes the active ingredients florasulam and MCPA ester, the same active ingredients as Frontline. It’s registered for use on wheat, oat and barley.

In a conference call March 4, Andrew Mann, MANA Canada’s general manager, said the product provides the same broadleaf weed control package, one that’s well known to growers in the dark-brown, black and grey soil zones.

Mann also noted that because it’s a blend of Group 2 and 4 products, Frontline will both give better control and help to manage and prevent weed resistance.

Rush 24, the other newly registered product, is also a familiar blend to growers, albeit with a slight twist. It includes the active ingredients fluroxypyr and 2,4-D ester, the same active ingredients found in OcTTain XL herbicide. It’s also a broadleaf weed product, intended for use on wheat and barley.

During the conference call, Mann pointed out the formulation is slightly different, allowing growers more flexibility. The orginal OcTTain formulation required contained a 100 per cent rate of both active ingredients, which require waiting slightly longer for the crop standing to be right for the 2,4-D, or reducing both rates to three-quarter rates. Octtain contains a full rate of fluroxypyr and a three-quarter rate of 2,4-D.

“Growers can apply the full rate of fluroxypyr, and still spray earlier,” Mann said. “Or they can add a couple more ounces of 2,4-D and spray both at the full rate. We felt this formulation gave more flexibility.”

Rush 24 is also an approved tank mix partner with several other grassy weed herbicides, which will give growers one-pass weed control options.

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