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Sunflower, Corn Harvest Results Mixed

Manitoba’s sunflower harvest is disappointing in both yield and quality. “It was just too wet,” said Earl Schnellert, of Agri-Tel Grain in Beausejour. He said early-harvested confectionery sunflowers were showing low yields, of between 500 to 1,000 pounds per acre, with very light test weights. Oilseed varieties fared a little better, although the yields were still below normal.

Ben Friesen, of Keystone Grain in Winkler, said oilseed sunflowers were being harvested in reasonably good shape, but the confectionery crops had some disease issues. He said the sunflowers were on the light side overall, but were still showing an improvement over last year.

Oilseed prices have shown some improvement in recent weeks with current bids in the 18-to 20-cents-per-pound area.

Confectionary bids are in the 20-to 24-cents-per-pound area.


Meanwhile, warm, dry conditions through October were beneficial for the corn crops in Manitoba.

Theresa Bergsma, secretary manager of the Manitoba Corn Growers Association said that aside from a few drowned-out spots, corn crops in the province were looking very good and the harvest is progressing smoothly.

Early yield reports were in the 110-to 160-bushels-per-acre area, which are good for the province.

While wet conditions caused some problems in Manitoba early in the growing season, corn is now coming off the field in relatively dry condition.

In addition to the low moisture content, Bergsma said the quality and test weights were good. “If there are any problems they will be so slight that they will be able to blend it off easily,” she said.

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