Southern U.S. farmers set fast corn-planting pace

chicago / reuters Farmers in southern areas of the United States were ahead of the typical corn-planting schedule as dry weather allowed them to access their fields earlier than usual, government reports showed March 25.

In Louisiana, farmers had already planted 86 per cent of their corn crop, up from 56 per cent last week and well ahead of the five-year average of 58 per cent, according to a report from the U.S. Agriculture Department’s National Agricultural Statistics Service. Emergence in Louisiana was pegged at 20 per cent.

Farmers in Mississippi had finished 37 per cent of corn planting as of March 24 compared to the five-year average of 21 per cent.

In Texas, corn planting was 48 per cent complete, up just six percentage points from a week earlier but still ahead of the five-year average of 43 per cent.

Farmers in the largest corn-growing states such as Illinois and Iowa typically do not start planting until the middle of April.

A year ago, producers notched the fastest corn seeding ever, though the early planting could not save the crop from the drought that descended on the region during the summer.

A cold snap in the U.S. Plains was threatening the health of some of the U.S. winter wheat crop, whose early development was stunted by dry soil conditions.

Alltech micronutrients approved for use

Staff / Four of Alltech’s crop science products have received approval from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for use as micronutrient fertilizers in Canada. Agri-Mos, Soil-Set, Crop-Set and Grain-Set each contain a different source of micronutrients for use in treating deficiencies.

The yeast-based products are marketed as an alternative to conventional agrochemicals.



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