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Sippell Named CSTA President

Dave Sippell, president of Syngenta Seeds Canada, was named the 71st president of the Canadian Seed Trade Association (CSTA) following the association’s annual meeting in Whistler, B. C.

Sippell said the seed trade will face the challenge of feeding the world’s growing population as competitors because “that makes us more efficient and effective, but as CSTA members we can contribute even more because we are able to work together to make the entire industry better.”

“The United Nations says that by 2050 – just 40 years from now – there will be nine billion people in the world, an increase of 2.5 billion from today. I see three possible scenarios: starvation for many people; this is totally unacceptable. Cut down rainforests in an attempt to produce more food, but even then there won’t be enough land; or apply technology to agriculture to produce more food on each acre. We in the seed industry have chosen option No. 3 and are committed to meeting the challenge.”

At its annual meeting, the CSTA also elected Wayne Unger of Brett Young Seeds in Winnipeg as its first vice-president; and Alexandre Mailloux of La Coop Fédérée in Montreal as second vice-president. New members of the board of directors are Don Mingle of PRO Seeds Canada in Woodstock, Ontario and Rod Merryweather of Bayer CropScience in Calgary.

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