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Regulatory approval

Pioneer Hi-Bred, a DuPont business, has received Canadian regulatory approval for cultivation, feed and food use of Optimum GLY brand canola, its proprietary glyphosate-tolerant canola.

Pioneer expects to commercialize the product mid-decade, pending key regulatory approvals from export markets globally. Optimum GLY canola was developed, in part, through exclusive DNA shuffling technology to provide tolerance to glyphosate herbicide and offer greater convenience for growers.

As the market continues to grow, Pioneer has aggressive plans to expand the canola business and bring additional value to growers, the company said in a release.

New canola/mustard seed treatment

staff / Bayer CropScience has received regulatory approval for a newly formulated, ready-to-use flowable seed treatment for canola and mustard.

“Prosper EverGol can protect against the most damaging range of diseases and insects to canola crops,” says Roger Rotariu, manager, oilseed crops fungicides, insecticides and seed treatments, Bayer CropScience. “Along with seed-borne diseases, it can protect canola from flea beetles up to the four-leaf stage, from seed rot, seedling blight, damping off and early-season rot caused by disease organisms, such as pythium, rhizoctonia and fusarium.”

Like Prosper FX, it uses four distinct chemistries to help develop healthy roots and strong stand establishment. In addition to clothianidin, Prosper EverGol contains three fungicidal active ingredients – metalaxyl, trifloxystrobin and penflufen. Penflufen, a powerful Group 7 fungicide that has demonstrated outstanding control of Rhizoctonia solani, replaces the carbathiin used in the Prosper FX formulation. Penflufen represents the first fungicidal active from Bayer CropScience specifically engineered for use in seed treatments only.

The registration of penflufen (brand name EverGol) in Canada represents the first regulatory approval worldwide for the new fungicidal seed treatment solution.

Prosper EverGol will be transitioned on to InVigor seed sold through farm supply retailers across Canada beginning for the 2013 season.



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