Recent frost damage to forage crops mostly minimal

Manitoba Forage & Grassland Association Green Gold Report for May 19, 2016

Eastern Manitoba

After the hard frost on May 16 there was some concern the crop may have been damaged. Looking at fields on the morning of May 19, although there was visible damage, the extent across the Green Gold fields was very minimal. The picture above is generally what was seen in most of the fields. There may be damage to 5 per cent of the plants but looking closely, there’s new growth from the bud at the tip of the plant.

Click here to read the full Green Gold Report for Eastern Manitoba as a free PDF.

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Western Manitoba/Interlake

Not a lot of fields are reporting in the Western/Interlake area as the crop is fairly short and was slower to start. The Virden area is the most advanced with a report of the alfalfa in the early bud stage.

Click here to read the full Green Gold Report for Western Manitoba/Interlake as a free PDF.

Central Manitoba

Hopefully forage producers have walked their alfalfa fields and assessed for any significant winterkill concerns. The Central Manitoba areas have reported some winter injury visible.

Click here to read the full Green Gold Report for Central Manitoba as a free PDF.

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