Rangeland Tank Mix Available

Dow AgroSciences Canada has acquired Canadian registration for a dual-mode tank mix to control shrubs, invasive plants and broadleaf weeds on rangeland and permanent pasture.

Dow bills its new Reclaim tank mix as a convenient option with a “favourable environmental profile,” adding that it’s also “safe to grass, with no grazing restrictions for beef cattle and non-lactating dairy animals.”

The product involves tank mixing 2,4-D with another Group 4 active ingredient, aminopyralid, which are already co-packaged in another Dow Agro range and pasture tank mix, Restore.

But the aminopyralid component in Reclaim also includes metsulfuronmethyl, a Group 2 active ingredient in products such as DuPont’s Express Pro, Escort and Ally.

The product’s label covers it for “extended” control of western snowberry (buck-brush), prairie wild rose, shrubby cinquefoil, silver-berry (wolf willow), Canada thistle, dandelion, pasture sage (fringed sage) and prairie sage in rangeland and permanent pasture.

Reclaim is expected to support environmental stewardship projects by helping manage invasive weeds in grassland areas “without the need to disrupt the ecosystem by tillage or mechanical removal,” the company said.

“Control lasts well beyond the year of application, meaning growers can wait an extended period of time before re-treating,” Dow Agro said in a release.

“Reclaim is the first and only range and pasture management herbicide in Canada with registered claims to provide 12-and 24-month control of weed and shrub species,” Barry Gibbs, product registration manager with Dow AgroSciences, said.

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