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Products Now Labelled For Broader Use

Titan seed-piece treatment has an expanded label to include control of above-ground pests such as: Colorado potato beetle, aphids (potato, green peach, foxglove and buckthorn), potato leafhopper and potato flea beetle, making it the broadest-spectrum insect seed-piece treatment available for Canadian potato growers.

Titan, a Group 4 insecticide, was initially registered in early 2009 to reduce the damage caused by wireworm in potatoes.

David Kikkert, portfolio manager, horticulture with Bayer CropScience said Titan is the only seed-piece treatment that controls above-ground pests and reduces the damage caused by wireworm – a growing pest in potato fields across Canada.”


Syngenta Canada has received a minor use registration for Allegro 500F fungicide to treat white mould (Sclerotinia sclerotiorum) in dry beans. White mould is a severe disease that causes significant yield losses for dry bean growers in Canada. This is the fourth minor use registration received for Allegro, which is already registered for disease control in crops including potatoes, certain legume vegetables and brassica leafy greens.

Allegro is the only crop protection product available from the pyridinamine chemical class and is a protectant non-systemic fungicide offering multi-site mode of action. The first application should occur between first bloom and 10 per cent bloom (i. e. when 10 per cent of the plants have at least one open bloom). The second application should be made seven to 10 days later before 50 per cent of the plants have at least one open bloom. Allegro contains the Group 29 fungicide fluazinam.

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