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Prices Rise But Costs Similar

Bayer CropScience is cutting the cost of Liberty herbicide but increasing the price on InVigor canola seed for 2012, saying the change will give growers more flexibility to manage resistance.

“We are providing growers with an even more economical resistance management tool and the increased freedom to choose higher labelled rates or a more economical two-pass option, when required,” says James Humphris, Bayer’s manager, oilseed crops, herbicides and trait agreement. “The increased affordability of Liberty as a resistance management tool ultimately allows growers to maximize the full yield potential of their InVigor seed.”

Liberty 150SN herbicide will go from a suggested retail price (SRP) of $12.52 to $9.95 per acre or $125.20 to $99.50 per 13.5-l jug.

The suggested retail pricing for 2012 InVigor hybrids will vary from $548.75 to $600.75 per 22.7-kg bag depending on the variety up from $499 to $549 per 22.7-kg bag.

Bayer is also increasing the value of its TraitGuard program to reflect the higher seed costs. TraitGuard reimburses the trait fee on seed that is reseeded or taken out of production by June 29, 2012.

Syngenta reaorganizes

The Canadian arm of crop biotech firm Syngenta has reorganized as the parent company marries its worldwide seeds and crop protection operations into a single “crop-centric” business model.

Syngenta Canada announced it’s reorganized into the same model under Jay Bradshaw as president and Trevor Heck as head of marketing.

By “thinking holistically about the agronomics of farming, Syngenta will identify new opportunities to create value for partners, customers and growers,” Bradshaw said in a release.

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