PotashCorp Deepens Production Cuts

PotashCorp of Saskatchewan said May 20 it intends to curtail 2009 potash production by an additional 400,000 tonnes in a bid to cope with the sharp decline in demand for the crop nutrient.

The Saskatoon-based producer said the new round of production cuts will bring the total reductions in production to 3.9 million tonnes year to date and 4.8 million tonnes for the 2008-09 fertilizer year, which ends in a few weeks.

Global commodity prices have collapsed since peaking in mid-2008, but the price of potash has remained at record highs, as a handful of companies, which control more than 60 per cent of the world’s potash production, have maintained a tight rein on supplies.

Despite tight supply-side management, North American potash inventories have risen steadily in recent months to more than 3.5 million tonnes, which is 72 per cent higher than the previous five-year average.

But PotashCorp reiterated that it expects demand to bounce back eventually.

PrecisionPac Product Line Increased

Western Canadian cereal growers can now access nine DuPont PrecisionPac herbicides, including five newly registered blends that are available exclusively through DuPont PrecisionPac retailers.

DuPont PrecisionPac herbicides provide a unique level of customization thanks to a revolutionary new system which dispenses active ingredients in various ratios to create high-performing herbicides. This allows growers to choose a herbicide that matches the unique weed spectrum or other agronomic needs of their individual fields and then purchase the exact amount required for the field size or sprayer tank.

PrecisionPac herbicides available for 2009:

Non-crop herbicides: Express PRO, Express SG;

In-crop cereal herbicides: DB-858, DB-8454, DB-10550, PP-2525, PP-23235, Refine SG, Triton C.

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