Pesticide Waste Program Continues Under New Name

Anew organization called CleanFARMS(TM) Inc. was launched Feb. 1 to build on successful agricultural stewardship programs started by CropLife Canada, Canada’s plant science industry trade association, more than 20 years ago.

CleanFARMS(TM) Inc. will continue to deliver the highly successful empty container and obsolete pesticide collection programs, but will also look at developing new programs to help reduce, reuse, recycle and safely dispose of other agricultural wastes.

“Canada’s plant science industry is committed to properly managing the full life cycle of its products. That commitment has made our stewardship initiatives extremely successful – so much so that it merits the creation of a separate entity,” said Lorne Hepworth, president of CropLife Canada. “That is why we are launching CleanFARMS(TM) Inc. – to pursue those opportunities – to build on our success while exploring new opportunities related to agriculture and other industries.”

Leading CleanFARMS(TM) Inc. will be general manager, Barry Friesen who has a long history of leading recycling and waste management programs.

“Today’s farmer knows that recycling agricultural waste makes sense and that taking part in CleanFARMS(TM) Inc. programs is easy to do. That’s why the industry’s programs have been so successful and it’s also why we believe there will be opportunities to do more,” Friesen said. “CleanFARMS(TM) Inc. is proud to have this opportunity to building on the success of the industry’s programs and looks forward to the continued support of Canada’s plant sciences industry.”

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