InVigor canola genetics get an upgrade

BASF points to yield, pod-shatter resistance of canola hybrids

An InVigor canola plot at Ag in Motion in 2019.

BASF promoted two of its new 300 Series InVigor canola hybrids — L340PC and L357P — during a July 22 webinar.

“L340PC contains both first-generation clubroot resistance as well (as) BASF’s patented pod-shatter technology,” Wade Stocker, BASF’s manager of canola seeds and traits, told the webinar.

“It’s a high-yielding hybrid that was 107.8 per cent of InVigor L233P in the 2019 breeding trials,” he said. “In addition, this hybrid has strong standability, which is similar to Invigor L252, which is familiar to a lot of growers… and it’s a day earlier (to harvest) than L252. So really it’s suitable for all growing regions across Western Canada. It’s a really nice fit and a really nice addition to our portfolio.”

InVigor L357P is also a high-yielding hybrid, Stocker said.

“It contains pod-shatter reduction technology as well as exceptional blackleg resistance,” he said.

“This hybrid yielded 109.7 per cent of InVigor L233P in breeding and registration trials in both 2018 and 2019,” he said. “It has very strong standability so it’s equal to, or better than InVigor L252 and it’s suitable for mid- and long-season growing regions at a half-day later than InVigor L252.”

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