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New Registrations Add Competition

MANA Canada

(Makhteshim Agan of North America, Canada Ltd.), has obtained registration for its clodinafop-propargyl grassy weed control herbicide Ladder, which will compete in the marketplace against Syngenta’s Horizon.

“We are very excited about Ladder. Its active provides the base for a tremendous herbicide that farmers know and trust,” said Dale N. Kushner, commercial business manager for MANA Canada. “There are two manufacturers of the clodinafop active in Canada, MANA and Syngenta. That means Ladder is the only true competitor to Syngenta and the private label clodinafop products in the marketplace.”

Ladder is tank mixable with nearly 30 broadleaf herbicides and gives growers great value, while taking broad-spectrum weed control to new heights. The product will be available in Canada in 2010.


Nufarm is introducing the Group 1 herbicide Cordon to the market next spring. The product contains fenosaprop, which is the same active ingredient in Puma120Super, commonly used on wheat and barley acres. Cordon can be used to control wild oats, green foxtail, yellow foxtail, and barnyard grass in spring wheat, durum and barley.

The product can be tank mixed with a wide range of broadleaf herbicides for one-pass weed control.

When Nufarm broke from the pack as the first company to end rebate and bundling programs, growers and retailers shared in their approval. As part of the Nufarm product family Cordon will be free of grower rebates.

“With the addition of Cordon, Nufarm now has one of the largest cereal graminicide product portfolios for farmers in Western Canada,” said Grant Deveson, Nufarm’s Calgary-based commercial manager.



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