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New Grassy Weed Control In Wheat

Makhteshim Agan of North America, Canada (MANA Canada), has announced the registration of Bengal 120EC, a grassy weed herbicide for use in wheat. Bengal is only for use in spring wheat (including durum) and contains the same active ingredient as Puma herbicide.

“Bengal is a tremendous grassy weed herbicide for wheat. Competition in the marketplace is good for producers and retailers and once again MANA delivers an alternative supply to the marketplace,” said Dale Kushner, Canadian commercial business manager for MANA Canada in a release. “Bengal will be available through leading retailers at a fair price, and without any of the complex bundled pricing packages that some other manufacturers use.”

Bengal contains the active ingredient fenoxaprop-p-ethyl, and provides exceptional wild oat, barnyard grass and green foxtail control for spring wheat (including durum). Broadleaf weed control is a breeze with nearly 30 tank-mix partners. It is available in 6.2-litre jugs that cover 20 acres or 99.3-litre drums that treat 320 acres.

New DuPont Harmony SG Formulation

DuPont is launching a new formulation of Harmony SG herbicide that delivers broad-spectrum weed control with a convenient built-in adjuvant that eliminates the hassles of adjuvant loading and mixing.

“Spring wheat and durum growers in Western Canada will get all the great performance they’ve come to expect from Harmony SG with the added convenience of a built-in adjuvant,” Jon Gough, DuPont product manager for cereals said in a release.

DuPont Harmony SG provides control of wild oats, green foxtail and five-leaf wild buckwheat, in addition to 20 other broadleaf weeds. Harmony SG has a wide window of application – from two leaf to the emergence of the flag leaf. It has no soil residue, no recropping restrictions the following year, and is rainfast in one hour.

The new Harmony SG is available in a more compact 40-acre case than the previous formulation. Limited quantities of Harmony MEGA will be available in a new easy-to-use 160-acre tote.



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