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New Glyphosate Product

Makhteshim Agan of North America Inc., Canada (MANA Canada), has received registration of Glyphogan Plus herbicide, Canada’s newest entry into the Roundup Ready marketplace. Glyphogan Plus uses the power of glyphosate to safely treat all Roundup Ready crops including canola, corn and soybeans.

“Our customers asked for it and we have delivered. Glyphogan Plus is a great product for any farmer growing Roundup Ready crops, and it’s manufactured in North America,” said Dale Kushner, MANA Canada’s commercial business manager, in a release. “It’s just as powerful as the name-brand product, but as expected with MANA products, it’s priced a little better.”

Glyphogan Plus can be used at pre-seed as part of annual weed control, or pre-harvest for quack grass, Canada thistle and dandelions.

With time-proven glyphosate chemistry, 356 grams/litre Glyphogan Plus is available in a 2 x 10 litre case pack or a 750-litre tote.

More seed available

Dekalb is making additional supplies of the 72-55 RR canola hybrid available.

“Indications from industry experts are that we may be looking at increased canola acres in 2010,” said Cornie Thiessen, Dekalb business manager for Western Canada. “For this reason, we have decided to release additional supplies of 72-55 RR. We’re encouraging growers to visit their local retailers soon to place their orders and avoid disappointment.”

72-55 RR is a high-yielding, Roundup Ready hybrid.

“This variety is a Dekalb Yield Ready designated hybrid that offers great standability and top-end yield potential in an excellent agronomic package,” said Dave Kelner, technology development lead. “It is rated ‘MR’ for blackleg and ‘R’ for fusarium wilt, with medium maturity.”



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