New first aid app puts life-saving help on your phone

The Canadian Red Cross has launched a first aid app to increase Canadian’s skills and confidence to intervene in health emergencies.

“This app will allow people to learn what to do in multiple medical emergencies, from severe bleeding to broken bones to heart attacks,” said Don Marentette, an official with the Canadian Red Cross in Manitoba in a release. “Knowing how to recognize the signs of a medical emergency is not enough; people need to know what to do.”

According to recent polling on behalf of the Canadian Red Cross, nearly 40 per cent of Canadians say they’ve been in an emergency situation where they’ve had to perform first aid. Although more than two-thirds of Canadians say they can recognize the signs of a life-threatening health emergency like choking or a heart attack, only half are confident in their skills to help.

The free app is available for Android, iPhone and iPad. It can be found in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store for Android by searching “Canadian Red Cross.” It is also available on the Red Cross website at Users can sharpen their skills through interactive quizzes and videos, or access simple step-by-step advice to help them respond to an emergency.

“Although full of useful information, the new app is not a substitute for training,” adds Marentette. “The best way to be prepared for a medical emergency is still by taking a Red Cross first aid course, supplemented by this easy app in your purse or pocket.”

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