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New Canola Hybrids

DEKALB has received registration on six new canola hybrids from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). The new 73 Series will be available on a limited basis this spring with wide distribution planned for the 2011 growing season, the company announced in a release.

“With the introduction of our new 73 Series, DEKALB brand now offers a full and diverse portfolio of regionally adapted hybrids. Each one has been adapted to address the myriad situations that growers encounter across the Prairies and provide a solution in the form of a DEKALB brand signature product,” said Cornie Thiessen, DEKALB business manager, Western Canada.

The new DEKALB brand hybrids signal an enhanced level of performance in terms of yield potential, maturity and disease package featuring genetics adapted to short and long seasons, and clubroot resistance.

Prepare for weed flush

The warm, and now wet spring has set the stage for a burst of weed growth that can cut into farmers’ yields, the Canola Council of Canada says.

“Weeds that emerge a week before the canola crop can cause up to 50 per cent yield loss unless they’re controlled,” says agronomy specialist Tiffany Martinka.

If weeds are actively growing and no frost is forecast, pre-seed burnoff is a good strategy. “Average yield increases of 15 per cent have been observed when comparing a pre-seed burnoff treatment to no burnoff treatment in direct-seeding situations,” Martinka says.

Glyphosate and CleanStart are the only pre-seed burnoff products registered for use ahead of canola.

Light rates of 2-4,D or MCPA are not recommended as this is not a registered use and may result in herbicide injury.

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