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Mosaic Offers Fertility Uptake Guide

The Mosaic Company has developed a website offering soil fertility information and resources. It can be found at www.Back-to-

Back-to-Basics is an ongoing initiative that helps keep growers and those who influence fertilizer management decisions informed about nutrient uptake levels, critical trends in soil fertility, the importance of proper crop nutrition and new crop fertility practices.

Farmers who visit Back-to- Basics are able to learn about a variety of crop nutrient-related subjects, including:

When and why N-P-K applications alone are not always enough to optimize yields and the roles of other essential nutrients such as sulphur, magnesium and zinc in increasing crop yield and quality;

Why new insect-resistant, multi-trait hybrids may benefit from a new approach to fertility;

How to identify yield-robbing nutrient deficiencies through visual analysis;

How to identify “hidden deficiencies” not visible to the eye;

In addition to the previously mentioned resources, farmers will find on Back-to- Basics, they’re also able to review:

The “Efficient Fertilizer Use” manual, a comprehensive guide to proper fertilizer uses, soil pH and soil sampling;

Timely interactive regional agronomic updates on local crop, soil and weather conditions in addition to nutrient management tips;

A crop nutrient deficiency photo library to help identify various nutrient deficiency symptoms for 19 different crops which is found at: http://www.back-to-

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