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Single-Action + 20 Lb P2O5

TagTeam increases yields

Yield (bu/ac)







Source: Summary of independent research trials conducted in Oakville MB in 2007, 2008, and 2009.

Single-action Single-action TagTeam + 40 lb P2O5


+ 20 lb P2O5

MultiAction TagTeam contains a naturally occurring soil fungus that enhances phosphate(P) use eficiency, and a high performing, nitrogen-ffxing bradyrhizobia bacteria. e synergy of the two microorganisms provides balanced nutrition for better use of soil and fertilizer P and maximum nitrogen ffxation.

e Bradyrhizobium bacteria strain and the phosphate solubilizer in TagTeam work together to create a unique value equation. e soil fungus is the key. It grows on plant roots and makes less available forms of soil P immediately available to the plant.

One of the beneffts of the soil fungus’ action is the development of more root hairs. Each root hair is a potential infection point for the Bradyrhizobium bacteria. More infection points mean more nodules, more nodules mean more nitrogen is ffxed, and more ffxed nitrogen equals higher yields.

P. bilaii inoculation increases root-hair production

Source: P. bilaii inoculation increases root-hair production in field pea. R. H. Gulden and J. K. Vessey, University of Manitoba.

In soybeans, phosphate fertility programs must deal with several challenges that can limit phosphate availability and uptake:

r 4 P Z C F B O T F F E J T W F S Z T F O T Jtive to fertilizer salt injury, so all fertilizer must be placed away from the seed. However, placing phosphate away from the seed prevents optimum early-season uptake. e phosphate inoculant in TagTeam supplies newly developing seedlings with phosphate without any

safety concerns r ) J H I D B M D J V N B O E I J H I pH soils typically found in Manitoba readily tie up phosphate. e phosphate component of TagTeam will increase P uptake of both residual soil and fertilizer

phosphate in these soils r 8 I F O T P J M T V S G B D F S F T J E V F T are high, and the soil is cold and wet conditions common under early seeding or reduced tillage programs P availability may be limited. However, the phosphate inoculant in TagTeam works as low as 4 C, making phosphate available in cool soil conditions

Phosphate is crucial to nitrogen fixation

Research shows that phosphate nutrition has a signi ffcant, positive impact on nitrogen ffxation. Good P nutrition results in more nodules being formed and more active nitrogen ffxation.

r 1 I P T Q I P S V T I F M Q T N P W F U I F energy from photosynthesis to the roots, where it is needed

to fuel nitrogen ffxation r . P S F F Y U F O T J W F S P P U H S P X U I provides greater opportunity for the development of

nitrogen-ffxing nodules r ‘ B T U F S E F W F M P Q N F O U P G B D-tive nodules, and increase in number and size of nodules, results in greater nitrogen

ffxation r ) J H I F S Q P Q V M B U J P O P G bradyrhizobia bacteria in the soil surrounding the root increases the percent and total nitrogen in the harvested portion of the crop

‘ P S N P S F J O G P S N B U J P O P O TagTeam soybean, please D P O U B D U % B M F 8 P I M H F N V U I directly at 204-771-6043 or toll-free at 1-888-744-5662.



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