More About The Titan 18 -35 Type D

The only other Titan 18 -35 known to exist is at Crosby, North Dakota.

Bob’s Titan 18 -35’s serial number is TB131. He speculates their serial numbering began at 101 making his the 30th to roll off production lines. It was built in 1913.

It’s not known how many were actually built. Some records say only 119 were made. Others say 259 were produced.

The Titan 18 -35 runs at 425 r.p.m. but the speed can be varied down to 125 r.p.m.

It weighs about 18,000 lbs. with the extension rims. Rear wheels are 62 inches in diameter by 22 inches wide.

The tractor has two speeds forward and one reverse.

It had side curtains to roll down on cold days and a backrest and footrest. The platform is mounted on coil springs to absorb the shock of the solid steel wheels.



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