Monsanto Cuts Jobs Locally, Company-Wide – for Sep. 16, 2010

A job-cutting measure by Monsanto has eliminated two positions in Manitoba, eight in Canada and up to 700 overall.

One management position and one administrative assistant position will be lost at Monsanto Canada’s head office in Winnipeg. Six positions in the company’s plant breeding division are also gone, including four in Guelph, one in Lethbridge and one in Saskatoon.

The job reductions are part of a corporate restructuring, said company spokesperson Trish Jordan. “It’s a continuation of a realignment process that we began last year.”

Jordan said the management position in Winnipeg is being eliminated as a result of combining Monsanto’s information and customer operations divisions. The administrative assistant’s job is gone because of a change in sales structure – the company is going from three territories, each with an area sales manager, to two.

Monsanto has closed its canola breeding station in Guelph, hence the loss of positions there. One field testing position remains.

Jordan said Monsanto is undergoing a “global restructuring” because of a decline in the company’s chemical division and growth in its seeds and traits division. Between 70 and 80 per cent of its revenue now comes from seed and biotechnology.

But employment at the company’s new plant breeding centre in Winnipeg is expected to grow once it gets fully underway later this year.

The facility is nearing completion at the University of Manitoba’s Smartpark location. About 40 people are there now.

Monsanto employs about 250 full-time staff in Canada, including 100 in Manitoba. Another 300 seasonal workers are hired between April and November. [email protected]

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