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Midge-Tolerant Wheat By Fall 2009

Alliance Seed Corporation has obtained the rights to the Goodeve VB midge-tolerant wheat variety developed by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Under the terms of the licensing deal, Alliance Seed Corporation has been awarded exclusive marketing and distribution rights for the Goodeve VB variety in Canada.

Alliance Seed Corporation plans to work with its own retail seed locations as well as a network of authorized seed grower partners to distribute the variety in midge-susceptible areas of the Canadian wheat-growing regions. Alliance Seed Corporation believes that this variety will offer farmers the opportunity to see significantly improved results in areas where wheat midge has historically been a problem. Both yield and grain quality improvements are expected from growing Goodeve VB.

Commercial volumes of Goodeve VB seed are expected to be available in the fall of 2009 and Alliance Seed Corporation looks forward to bringing this important variety to the market.

Alliance Seed Corporation is a joint venture company established by Paterson Grain, Parrish & Heimbecker, Weyburn Inland Terminal, North West Terminal, Prairie West Terminal and Great Sandhills Terminal.



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